Zekton font family

Zekton was inspired by the futuristic fonts found on electronic gadgetry. Zekton imparts a serious, high-tech look by its rounded curves and even line widths.

Zekton Light

Zekton Light Italic


Zekton Italic

Zekton Bold

Zekton Bold Italic

Zekton Heavy

Zekton Heavy Italic

Zekton Condensed Light

Zekton Condensed Light Italic

Zekton Condensed

Zekton Condensed Italic

Zekton Condensed Bold

Zekton Condensed Bold Italic

Zekton Condensed Heavy

Zekton Condensed Heavy Italic

Zekton Extended Light

Zekton Extended Light Italic

Zekton Extended

Zekton Extended Italic





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