Tellumo Font

Tellumo FontTellumo FontTellumo FontTellumo, a new humanist geometric sans serif typeface, has all the attributes you need for a workhorse sans with a few surprising details.

It has moderate proportions, a low stroke contrast, open apertures, and an x-height that makes it drive with ease in running text. A modest range of six weights, from Thin to ExtraBold, make it versatile without being overwhelming. The lightest and heaviest weights are best saved for headlines and subheads. It features a set of swash caps that can add magnitude and sparkle to short headlines, making it excel in packaging designs.

Tellumo feels at home with Mid-century Modern and Art Deco aesthetics. It looks precise, tidy, and welcoming for architecture and home goods. It looks clean, fresh and modern for beauty and wellness, or elegant and approachable for fashion. It has a balance of clarity and personality, suitable for branding and advertising of all kinds, print & digital design alike.

Tellumo radiates warmth, charm, and joyfulness from its geometric foundation.

: Nov 23, 2021


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