Skarpa 2.0

Skarpa 2.0 Font Family
OTF, WOFF | 12 Fonts

This is a pro upgrade of my very first font I have ever released back in July 2011. My inspiration for this font were Roman Capitals, which I have initially designed as hairline – monotone, which gave an impression of high-end fashion look.

Encouraged by the success of my initial design I have decided to redo / facelift my 2011 design. The fonts available here are revised throughout, also new glyphs/letters are added (808 glyphs in total) so you can use the font(s) in a majority of languages where latin script is present.
The family of Skarpa 2.0 fonts contains 12 files – you find there three weights, three types – both in regular & italic style.


Skarpa Light 2.0

Skarpa Light Italic 2.0

Skarpa Hollow Light 2.0

Skarpa Hollow Light Italic 2.0

Skarpa Regular 2.0

Skarpa Regular Italic 2.0

Skarpa Hollow Regular 2.0

Skarpa Hollow Regular Italic 2.0

Skarpa Bold 2.0

Skarpa Bold Italic 2.0

Skarpa Hollow Bold 2.0

Skarpa Hollow Bold Italic 2.0