Resist Mono Font Family

Resist Mono Font FamilyResist Mono Font FamilyResist Mono Font FamilyResist Mono is a monospaced version of Resist Sans released in 2022. Borrowing the most distinct features of its predecessor, Resist Mono features are deep inktraps, angled terminals, and amazing legibility. Developed for use both in coding and product/graphic design, Resist Mono is highly legible even at small sizes, all the while retaining its unique bold personality and style.

Resist Mono comes in 16 styles (14 static fonts) and two variable fonts. Each font contains over 1300 glyphs, including letters, small capitals, numbers, punctuation, symbols, etc. Resist Mono supports more than 200 Latin-based languages and has extensive Cyrillic support for languages like Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, and many more. In addition to this, Resist Mono also includes special Powerline symbols for coding.

OpenType features in Resist Mono include Small Capitals, Case Sensitive Punctuation, Stylistic Alternates, Fractions, Sub- and Superscript, Ligatures and many more.

Resist Mono was developed to be a functional and highly legible font, which is especially important in coding. Resist Mono features ‘true’ italics that look more calligraphic than regular slanted styles. Regular slanted letterforms can be accessed through OpenType, by selecting a corresponding stylistic set.

Resist Mono is very versatile: as a monospaced family it is perfect for coding, but thanks to its visual features and bold stylistic choices, it can also be used in product and graphic design, web design, publishing, etc.

: Nov 15, 2022