Shoika Font

Shoika FontShoika FontShoika FontShoika is a celebration of geometry. It’s a typographic quest for purity with a touch of hidden gems in the form of unique details and characters. Shoika is perfect for the modern designer who needs a solid, refined and versatile font family for branding, UX, web, packaging and editorial jobs.

The wide range of weights (24 fonts) starts in the delicate Air, goes on with the optimized for high-density screens Retina and finishes with the robust Metal. Shoika supports an extensive variety of Latin alphabet-based languages (over 200). It has been manually kerned and auto-hinted for enhanced performance on screen.

It includes several OpenType features like case diacritics, tabular figures, arrows, ordinals, inferior and superior figures, numerator and denominator figures, fractions, circled figures, black circled figures, outline dingbats and solid dingbats.

: Jul 21, 2020


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