Saya Serif FY

Saya Serif FY Font Family
OTF | WOFF | 12 Fonts

Here comes the serif! After her big sisters version, Saya Sans and Saya Semi Sans, meet Saya Serif! With its lightly condensed letterforms and its elegant sharped serifs, this font family is both suitable for text and display use.

It’s elegant style and well balanced shapes afford a unified structure in small size and elegant shapes in larger sizes.
Mix it with the Sans and SemiSans versions to create beautiful magazines designs, deli packagings or serious logotypes.
Saya Serif FY comes out with 6 weights from thin to black in roman and delicate italic.

Saya Serif FY was created by Joana Correia, Adrien Midzic and Fontyou team on, the first collaborative type foundry.

Saya Serif FY Thin Regular

Saya Serif FY Thin Italic

Saya Serif FY Light Regular

Saya Serif FY Light Italic

Saya Serif FY Regular

Saya Serif FY Italic

Saya Serif FY Medium Regular

Saya Serif FY Medium Italic

Saya Serif FY Bold Regular

Saya Serif FY Bold Italic

Saya Serif FY Black Regular

Saya Serif FY Black Italic





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