Provan Formal Font

Provan Formal FontProvan Formal FontProvan Formal Font

Provan is a contemporary humanist sans serif with roots in calligraphy and incised letters. These timeless inspirations result in a typeface family that transcends fashion and adds a strong sense of authenticity to brands. The regular version of Provan has angled stem endings and oblique stress in curved shapes which add to its friendly and legible warmth. Provan Formal straightens these stroke endings to bring a more refined alignment of letters. The typefaces include swash capitals, small capitals, old style figures and special Celtic capital variants. The Inline version of Provan is useful for drop capitals, book covers and posters. Provan bucks the ubiquitous neutrality of geometric typefaces and exudes a sense of humanity, craftsmanship and warmth.

: Jan 19, 2021


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