Pagewalker Font Family

Pagewalker Font Family
OTF, WOFF | 6 Fonts

The name of the font is chosen to suggest its main purpose—setting multiple pages of text. All the features in this family were made with that in mind—legibility, distinct italics, small caps and various OpenType features, all make this font a useful tool for typographers.

On the other hand, for packaging, posters, logotypes, etc. setting heavier weights in large size brings out its display qualities. Pagewalker is very legible and appears to be larger than other text typefaces. That is because the lower-case characters are made large compared to the capital letters. This means it can be used for setting text in, e.g. 9 pt size—while appearing to be 10 pt, but occupying less space.

  • Designers: Nikola Kostić

Pagewalker Regular

Pagewalker Italic

Pagewalker Bold

Pagewalker Bold Italic

Pagewalker Black

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