Magreb Font Family

Magreb Font FamilyMagreb Font FamilyMagreb Font FamilyMagreb is a classic serif font inspired by Garamond and Venetian Serif Styles, accentuating softness and conveying luxury. This family of four weights and their corresponding italics is an old style construction and bridges the glory of the past with the elegance of the present.

The process of making this fonts starting with an ellipse brush with a certain slope so that it resembles calligraphy pen strokes. followed by creating the basic serif elements, refining the vectors and softening each joint so that it looks natural. Next, develop it from regular weight to weight bold.

Magreb has expanded the latin character set to support 200+ latin based languages. We added opentype features suchs superscript and subscript; Numeretor and Denominator; Old Style figures and lining figures.

: Dec 14, 2022