Magnify Font

Magnify FontMagnify FontMagnify FontGeometric sans serif is one of my favorite fonts because it’s so, simple, clean and modern, and a long time I’ve been dreaming of making this type, inspired by many media and especially “Futura, 1927” ( by Early Bauer) I created “Magnify” Geometric sans. The structure and element shape of Magnify is not really perfectly circle, but slightly oval it can be seen in the uppercase letters O, G, C, Q and in the lowercase letters o, a, c, e.

Magnify has 8 weights, – from Hairline to Bold and Matching Oblique.

Magnify also has special alternate characters in letters a, g, y and o. it is to give a different look to a paragraph, headline or your display design.

thanks, hope you would like and accept “Magnify” as part of your family.

thank you in advance

: May 16, 2022