Le Havre Rough

Le Havre Rough. It’s high-resolution, hand-crafted letterpress to the core. Based on insigne’s popularLe Havre typeface, this new heat-treated, weathered face of all caps joins the realism and appeal of the top-quality Le Havre family.

Rough’s eroded, printed look is extremely customizable, offering eleven distressed choices that appear fantastic even at large output sizes. Go ahead. Try it on, say, a billboard. Maybe even Times Square. The font includes hand-printed texture and distinctive shadow choices, too. Options include three inline versions, two shadow layers, and a clean primary version. Combine and match the options easily as you need, layering normal and shadow variations to alter appearance and texture. You can activate Art Deco alternates by using OpenType contextual alternates.


Le Havre Rough Basic

Le Havre Rough Antique

Le Havre Rough Printed

Le Havre Rough Wood

Le Havre Rough Jeans

Le Havre Rough Centerline

Le Havre Rough Outline

Le Havre Rough Double Line

Le Havre Rough Centerline Reversed

Le Havre Rough Shadow

Le Havre Rough Shadow Line

Le Havre Rough Ornaments