LC Trinidad Font

LC Trinidad FontLC Trinidad FontLC Trinidad FontLc Trinidad is the result of a series of wonderings regarding geometric Sans Serif typography design, in particular; Futura of Paul Renner.

A “conversation” arose between me and the designer – actually there was no conversation, it is an euphemism for “I saw his designs, I draw them and discussed with myself some of his decisions – that ended up being the origin of this font firsts glyphs: A, H, N, O, R and S.

I started with uppercase letters, and here is when Rudolf Koch with Kabel and his “Das schreibbuchlein” joined the conversation. This is how I could develop some alternative lowercase letters so as to illustrate this imaginary discussion.

The result is a sans serif, geometric, modern typeface with classical Roman proportion in the uppercase letters; two stylistic sets for lowercase letters (setKoch and setRenner), rational, open and sharp ends. It is ideal to form titles, medium length texts, branding, exhibitions and animations.

The family consists of 9 weight variants and their corresponding oblique versions and small caps. With more than 900 glyphs, it covers more than 190 Latin languages and together with its Opentype functions it creates a modern and versatile family.

Besides, it has powerful OpenType features for each style, including stylistic sets, extended language support, ligatures, contextual alternates, lining figures, oldstyle figures, small caps numbers, arrows, fractions, superscripts, subscripts and many more.

: Aug 25, 2020


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