Halfroy Font

Halfroy FontHalfroy FontHalfroy FontHalfroy is our answer to generic geometric sans trends exploding nowadays who creates sameness. Halfroy brings new sans perspectives by combining rounded and sharp edges to create delicate sans fonts. See the difference by looking at counter-shapes compared to outline, insides counter shapes you will sees a sharp edges while round but not geometrical on outlines.

Halfroy gives your project unique visual impact whatever your design project is, but we recommend using thin, semibold to Fat as display then light and regular.

Halfroy taken inspirations not from looking at other sans typeface, but its design inspirations comes from observing a land contour and geographical statistics in our city, Kota Batu. We found that our city geographic consist of steep slope like waves with sharp peaks and surrounded by small and third highest mountains peak on our country.

From then on we begin visualize and applied on few letters. Take a look on our ‘O’, ‘f’, ‘s’ letters, its like a stone carved letters. Its hard edges and soft edges outline clearly draws from our inspiration source.

Even Halfroy looks stony, hard as individual letters, we treat this type with humanist approach in mind. Therefore you can sense a friendly yet casuals of typical sans serif fonts when it grouped together to form a words or sentences.

We hope Halfroy will gives your design project a unique on its own.

: Oct 28, 2020


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