Essential Sans – 16 Font Typeface

Introducing Essential Sans – my very first full typeface with 8 weights and italics. Essential Sans is an eight weight, 16-font typeface designed to be an easy go-to for branding, web, and print design projects. Each form is pared down to its essentials, so it’s extremely versatile and can blend in or stand out as much as you choose.

You’ll also get outline circled numbers 0-9 and letters A-Z, as well as solid circle versions of the same for each font (which you can access through the alternates or the Glyphs panel!), plus a set of arrows — all of which can be used to create beautiful, minimalist logos and design elements.

One thing to note about Essential Sans is the letter spacing. It was intentionally spaced for clean reading if you wanted to use it for body type, so I recommend setting the spacing a little tighter for display use (around -10 to -20 should do!).


: Nov 15, 2022