Enocenta Font Family

Enocenta Font Family
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Enocenta is fully featured script face. Like a wild, untamed beauty in the moonlight, Enocentaís flowing calligraphy dances across the page. This contemporary typeface is not slavishly devoted to convention, and instead it defies it repeatedly.

The face has bit more character than most high contrast script faces and attracts your readers eye.

This spicy and flavorful collaboration between Jeremy Dooley and Cecilia Marina Pezoa. Enocenta is a five weight script typeface that offers a variety of options for you to design beautiful things. Enocenta is friendly and warm, and it’s hairline weight is simple and clean while its bold is strong and draws attention.

Enocenta Basic Hairline

Enocenta Basic Thin

Enocenta Basic Light

Enocenta Basic Regular

Enocenta Basic Bold

Enocenta Hairline

Enocenta Thin

Enocenta Light

Enocenta Regular

Enocenta Bold

Enocenta S Light

Enocenta S Reg

Enocenta S Bold