Dienstag is an extended sans-serif and a new companion to insigne’s popular Montag family. Dienstag is a bit more formal than its predecessor as it lacks Montag’s rounded terminators.

Dienstag originally included four different weights, and this was expanded to seven in 2010. OpenType features include simplified versions of many characters for titling or when a more unique look is needed. Be sure to check out the rest of the superfamily, including Montag, Mittwoch, and Donnerstag.



Dienstag Hairline

Dienstag Hairline Italic

Dienstag Thin

Dienstag Thin Italic

Dienstag Light

Dienstag Light Italic


Dienstag Italic

Dienstag Medium

Dienstag Medium Italic

Dienstag Bold

Dienstag Bold Italic

Dienstag Black

Dienstag Black Italic