Cradley Font Family – 3 Font

Cradley™, a CastleType original, was inspired by the work of William Caslon, considered by some to be the finest type designer of the Baroque era.

With its classic proportions, beautifully bracketed serifs, and high contrast, Cradley is a contemporary design with a Baroque spirit. The family of three beautifully crafted fonts support most European languages, including modern Greek and many languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet. Includes over 30 “flowers” (as Caslon called them), useful for creating borders or adding an accent. Спасибо / thanks to Alexei Elfimov for his suggestions for improving the Cyrillic, and to Max Fernandes for his helpful feedback and overall enthusiasm for this design.


Cradley Title

Cradley Title Italic

Cradley Open