Cebreja Font Family

Cebreja Font FamilyCebreja Font FamilyCebreja Font FamilyCebreja is made of “cereja” (Cherry in English) with “br” in the middle, “br” from Brazilian. So called because the font is made with Brazilian cherry wood, which allows thin rods to be carved without breaking and maintaining its shape with use and allowing the ink to spread evenly and precisely, since the density of the wood guarantees this robustness. Its well-polished and minimalistic, works wonderfully on its own for logos, headlines, posters, packaging and smaller applications! And with seven different weights with their correlated italics and all SmallCaps to choose from, your option to create more unique and versatile designs is a lot wider. Have fun and produce more.

This typography has the OpenType features that are standard in our type foundry, complete set of numerals, standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Sets –ss01 and ss02, in addition these features have been enriched with smarter scrypts, which make fractions form automatically; prevents alternate glyphs from clash. Making composition with this typography even faster and easier.

: Jun 23, 2022


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