CA Spotnik Font Family

CA Spotnik Font FamilyCA Spotnik Font FamilyCA Spotnik Font FamilyThe initial inspiration for CA Spotnik was the opening title of an early Andrei Tarkovsky movie. There was this very unconventional hand drawn “s” which drew my attention. Despite its strange shape, it felt totally natural in that context. So we made a few screenshots and started to sketch some more letters in order to catch the spirit that attracted us so much. The result is a grotesque typeface with a slight contrast, the proportions are rather wide with a large x-height.

The bolder the weight, the wider it gets. In case you find the swirly “s” uncomfortable, there is a standard s included as well. The general atmosphere of the typeface, which could be described as “nerdy but friendly” doesn’t depend on this detail. It’s rather the sum of details derived from the original inspiration.

: Aug 4, 2022