Brecksville Font Family

Brecksville Font FamilyBrecksville Font FamilyBrecksville Font FamilyBrecksville is a condensed grotesk typeface that takes inspiration from early German designs of the mid-19th century. It was designed as part of my current research into grotesk typefaces and different letterforms, as part of my dissertation research, “Perfected Letters: German Grotesk in the Nineteenth Century”, which focuses on the role of German design in typography.

The Brecksville font family provides a wide range of weights, ranging from light to bold for both its rounded display style and more rugged sharp style.

Both its styles feature the same horizontal proportions and metrics so they can freely be combined with no spacing issues.

Brecksville’s visually punchy condensed style and sharp edges, allows it to stand out on the screen – at almost any size.

Its black composition also brings out the details needed in magazine and tabloid headlines, while maintaining readability throughout.

The rounded display version is ideal for posters and other uses where you want something eye catching but not too hard on the eyes.

: Aug 15, 2022