Asphalt Racer Typeface

Asphalt Racer Typeface

Asphalt Racer Typeface

Asphalt Racer Typeface


Asphalt Racer is bold, dynamic, wide format display font. It is suitable for use on narrow sports equipment, sticks, bikes etc. It is all caps font with several alternative characters, stylistic alternates and ligatures.

• All of my fonts are made in FontLab Studio and tested in other FontLab apps. I use Adobe Illustrator for drawing postscript curves. Use OpenType file with postscript outlines if you want to make some adjustments in vector editing applications. Also use OTF for files intended to print or use with cutting plotter.

• Use TrueType file for work in Office software or Office like software intended for presentation on a screen. TTF is also better to use in some older applications that don’t support OpenType formats.

• All of characters are available in Character map Windows desktop app. In Adobe Illustrator open glyph panel available in menu Window→Type→Glyphs. In Photoshop in menu path Window→Glyphs.

• OpenType OTF and TrueType TTF formats are included in download. Contact me if you need Web font files.

• For stylistic alternates and ligatures don’t forget to click the Standard ligatures button and Stylistic alternates button in app. that you are using. Type CHECKER and copy and paste it for several times to create checker seamless pattern.

Thank you !

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