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Artis FontArtis FontArtis Font

»Artis« is the name for my latest art-project-font. Obviously I just chopped off the last »t«. Then I looked it up on Wikipedia and what do you know, it is of latin descent. »Ars Gratia Artis« which means »art for arts sake« or in French »l’art pour l’art«, a perfect font name. If I would cut off the »s« as well it would mean disambiguation and that in turn is, what I just did here. Enough disambiguation!


»Artis« is a modern classical beauty with extreme contrast between up- and downstrokes that make it unique with a touch of art deco and showing Renaissance roots. But – »Artis« is a twin-font that has an elegantly decorated twin sister »Artis-Swing«. Between the 2 fonts you have endless possibilities for combination. I love these twins!


It is a great everyday workhorse with seven weights from ExtraLight to Bold and all the necessary weights in between. Great for short copy and elegant headlines!


With 879 Glyphs it is a truly European font designed for all Central European and Latin using countries. »Artis« has a set of Cyrillic that is – besides Russia – also good for Serbia, Macedonia and Ukraine. It has oldstyle- and lining-, tabular- and tabular-oldstyle-figures and many ligatures.


»Artis« comes in Sans and Swing and is an elegant, playful and friendly font. Enjoy!

: Mar 2, 2021


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