In December 2013 two new weights – Thin & Ultra (with Italics) were added to the set, Small Caps included!

The intention was to make a technical-looking sans with a warmer feel to it, balanced between hard geometric shapes and friendly curves with slightly narrower endings. It should be useful in a wide range of tasks, whether combining the eight weights with distinct italics for editorial design, setting multiple pages of text, making financial reports, or using the highly contrasted lights and blacks for display and packaging design. Moreā€¦

Argumentum Thin

Argumentum Thin Italic

Argumentum UltraLight

Argumentum UltraLight Italic

Argumentum Light

Argumentum Light Italic


Argumentum Italic

Argumentum Medium

Argumentum Medium Italic

Argumentum Bold

Argumentum Bold Italic

Argumentum Black

Argumentum Black Italic

Argumentum Ultra

Argumentum Ultra Italic