ZT Arturo Complete Family

ZT Arturo Complete FamilyZT Arturo Complete FamilyZT Arturo Complete FamilyZT Arturo is a sans serif family designed by Francesco Canovaro as part of his research in the digital reinvention of handmade brush lettering. Marrying a fun, playful approach to letterforms to the versatility of a text family with multiple weights and advanced features, Arturo comes in seven weights with matching italics, and sports a wide array of OpenType features including stylistic alternates, small caps and discretionary ligatures (providing options for display usage and fine-tuning in logo design) as well as more offbeat features as ordinals, superior and inferior numerals, tabular, lining and oldstyle figures and OpenType-generated fractions. The family is complemented with a outline version that can be used on its own or together with the heavy weight for multi-layer color font inventions.

: Apr 19, 2023