Young Morin Font

Young Morin FontYoung Morin FontYoung Morin FontYoung Morin font is designed by combining elegant script font with a classic serif font style. The Young Morin font is inspired by a classic roman design that we apply modern elements according to current trends. This bold classic concept will create a design that is frightening but still looks modern and elegant. The Young Morin font is perfect for the design of young people who dare to be different and unique from the current trending design concept. Young Morin font is highly recommended to be a collection of fonts for current or future design creation.

Young Morin is perfect for magazine cover designs, brochures, flyers. Instagram ads, Canva Design and so on with unique and modern and brave concepts. besides that this font is very easy to use both in design and non-design programs because everything changes and glyphs are supported by Unicode (PUA).

The “Young Morin”contains 660 glyphs with many unique and interesting alternative options.

: Aug 15, 2022