Wildborn Font

Wildborn FontWildborn FontWildborn FontIntroducing Wildborn Vintage Sans Typeface with 6 Font Styles and Bonus 10 Vintage Badge/Logo Templates
Wildborn is a handmade vintage sans typeface. Wildborn is another essentials for armored your vintage arsenal. The font uses rounded rough edges and inked style, so the font gives a feel of printed look, aged, vintage, classic, old. The processing of the font itself through scanning process and carved digitally, and for the texture is well crafted and added carefully in each character.
Wildborn come with plenty variations , it’s includes 6 font Styles: Clean, Rough, Press, Wild, Halftone and Stamp. So that you have many options for your creativity, it also includes Bonus 10 Vintage Badge/Logo Templates in Adobe Illustrator and EPS format .The font is perfect for people looking for vintage aesthetics design with plenty variations of texture, also it works for modern designs.
Suitable for most graphic design such as typography designs, covers, labels, badges, ,quotes, apparel designs, logos, posters and more.

: Jul 21, 2022