Wiblz Serif Font Family

Wiblz Serif Font FamilyWiblz Serif Font FamilyWiblz Serif Font FamilyWiblz is a Modern/Didone text family in the great tradition of squarish text families like Walbaum, Ibis, and Georgia. He has a high x-height and a great balance of legibility and readability. Plus, he supports the Latin alphabet, basic Cyrillic, Monotonic and Polytonic Greek, and the International Phonetic Alphabet. That makes him superlative in his usefulness and versatility!

When searching for a didone typeface, it’s often a struggle between blackness/legibility and stylishness/contrast. this is especially true of squarish didones, which number less than their round counterparts. Wiblz is an excellent balance between the two — clean and striking, good for uses from text to heading, and at home in print and on screen.

: Sep 23, 2022