Vontgod Font

Vontgod FontVontgod FontVontgod FontVontgod Typeface is inspired by the classic era typeface in the 1800 era but is combined with today’s era and produces elegant script and charming typeface. The details of the “Vontgod Typeface” shape are very subtle and flow creating unique and gorgeous curves. Elegant script typefaces like “Vontgod Typeface” are very easy to apply to any design, especially those with an elegant and smooth concept, apart from that this font is very easy to use in both design and non-design programs because all alternates and glyphs are supported by Unicode (PUA).

Vontgod Typeface contains 744 glyphs with many unique and interesting alternate swash options. In addition. In the poster preview all the letters are in Vontgod Typeface.

: May 13, 2022


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