Valencia Script Font

Valencian Fon, inspired by the exotic name of a city located on the banks of Turia, on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula.
By taking philosophy from the city of Valencia, I as a creator are very aware that the city has the characteristics of centralization from a province.

so the inspiration and narrative that I want to build refers to my desire to make the Valencia font one of the centralizing trends in graphic design, especially in the field of typography.
This font has a tropical, flexible, fancy, fun feel. which you can see in the visual fields and lines contained in the Valencia font. which is where the basic foundation of this font has a script font type which is of course very flexible to use in any field. such as logo designs, posters, travel brochures, pamphlets, wedding invitations, valentine letters and posters, as well as presentations for tourist sites.

: Sep 5, 2023