Urbanshock Font

It looks like the “pushing-to-the-edge” game in our productions are just getting stronger. Developing the display sans-serif to stand out from the crowd, needs a very personal and ego-based mind. Choosing which one of the rules that we should break, trying to keep staying “in the box”, will always a big debate in the making of this font.

To expand the imagination, to experience a different way of visual composition. Take your mind to the place that you never been before with the URBANSHOCK.

An edgy condensed display sans-serif font with very unusual vibes. Not your typical sans-serif at all. A word might look very different and hard to layout with this font, so do it at your own risk.

Fyi, everybody loves the challenge. 🙂

Perfectly fit for the book cover, poster, album artwork, musical project, art event, art gallery, hip hop branding, visual campaign, logo, branding, website, social media content, let’s get loud in a very different way.

: Oct 21, 2020


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