Unalome Sacred Font

Unalome Sacred FontUnalome Sacred FontUnalome Sacred Font

Unalome Sacred Fond …. I always wanted to create a unique font that is not like any other. At the same time, for many years I have been studying various esoteric signs and symbols.

This is how the Unalome font was born. Unalome is a great Buddhist symbol, which means help and striving on the path to spiritual growth and development, connection with the spiritual realm and help of higher powers. Each capital letter in the combination of the character gives a special quality of a particular character.

Also, small letters have a handwritten look that perfectly complements the capital letters and gives a unique effect. Handwritten letters are completely connected with each other, which is extremely difficult to achieve. The letter must be written from one point and return to the same point. I did this work and connected all the letters to each other, and it gives the full feeling of a live copy.

The font is supplemented with numbers and punctuation marks. This unique font simply must be in your collection, it is perfect for any typography, branding, logo, etc. It will make your project special and unlike anything else. It will decorate any wedding card and letter, invitation, business card, part of the logo. The font will make it nice and special everything you do with it.

The Unalome is originally a hindu symbol that graphically recalls Shiva┬┤s third eye and it represents wisdom and the path to perfection. Spiral indicates the beginning of the path, without the knowledge or a clear direction, learning through the inevitable mistakes. It finally becomes a straight line and leads to enlightenment, often represented as a point or a circle (sun) or lotus. The lotus flower symbolizes overcoming hardships to perfection, thereby integrating a sense of Unalome.

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