Third Reign Font Family

Third Reign Font FamilyThird Reign Font FamilyThird Reign Font FamilyThird Reign is a decorative medieval typeface.

With braids and pearls, this swirly typeface of extreme variability brings us to the golden times of epic knight sagas.

Third Reign is the typeface of a Middle Age queen or a viking ruler.

Use it for a Middle Ages game, a fantasy headline, or as a logotype for anything of historical theme.

With usage in any modern software, the letters will automatically overlap and embrace in an elegant way.

To make heraldic symbols, copy these icons: πŸ‰ 🐎 πŸ‘‘ πŸ—‘ 🦁 πŸ¦… 🦌 + β™– Γ— ✝ βš“ * βš” † ‑

Alternatively write %A %B %C … etc to create the heraldry. (Download required.)

Dragon, Horse, Crown, Sword, Eagle, Deer, Cross, Anchor are some of the logos.

Use [ ] for side borders.

Example: [Magicβš”Thrones]

The Third Reign font family consists of two styles:

The decorative Border style, and the plain Regular style.

The font is built with advanced OpenType functionality and has a guaranteed top-notch quality, containing stylistic and contextual alternates, ligatures and more features; all to give you full control and customizability.

It has extensive lingual support, covering Greek and Cyrillic, as well as all Latin-based languages, from North Europe to South Africa, from America to South-East Asia.

It contains all characters and symbols you’ll ever need, including all punctuation and numbers.

: Jan 13, 2023