Thermal Shock Font Family

Thermal Shock Font FamilyThermal Shock Font FamilyThermal Shock Font FamilyWe used to have a composite worktop in our ‘old’ kitchen. It was cheap and the kitchen-guy warned us not to put any hot pans on the worktop, as it could crack due to Thermal Shock. Duh…

When we installed our new kitchen, we opted for a ceramic worktop, which can handle hot pans being placed on it!

Thermal Shock font is a very nice, handmade brush font. If you ever bought any brush fonts of mine, you will know that I almost always use Chinese ink and cheap brushes to create ‘the look’. It is always a bit of a surprise how a Chinese ink brush font turns out: I created one the other day and it looked horrible, so it was banned.. Thermal Shock turned out to be a looker.

Thermal Shock comes with one set of alternate glyphs, extensive language support (including Greek and Vietnamese) and a guarantee it won’t crack in super hot designs.

: Mar 2, 2023