Theatre Font

Theatre FontTheatre FontTheatre FontDisplay typeface originally created by French graphic designer Marcel Jacno in 1950. Digitised, designed and expanded by Jeremia Adatte with Małgorzata Bartosik from original source material and typeface specimens.

The typeface is inspired by stencil letters found on warehouse wooden crates. “With this unexpectedly-shaped alphabet, I wanted the words to take center stage and create an image in the printed matter”. —JACNO.

THEATRE has a second version of each of its letters, painted by hand by Jeremia Adatte and meticulously vectorised and implemented in the font to create words with a hand-made and random effect with no two letters alike, thanks to an opentype feature (enable CALT feature in your favourite design program).

Carefully designed ultra detailed letters, for ultra large headlines use without the cheap made-on-a-computer look, but painted-by-hand look, just as it was originally made.

THEATRE has more than 50’000 kerning pairs and speaks more than 80 languages.

Use THEATRE in your packaging design, coffee or packaging, natural wine labels, posters or anything you like that needs a unique graphic design voice.

: Apr 7, 2023