The Good Panther Font

The Good Panther FontThe Good Panther FontThe Good Panther FontTheGoodPanther – Bold Quirky Display Font. Tailor Craft a bold, quirky display font with a fun and trendy cute characters.

With a childish style, it will be very suitable for your project, which is related to children. Such as story books, illustrations, comic books, t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, logos, branding, stickers, svg, crafting.

The alternative characters were divided into several Open Type features such as Swash, Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, and Ligature. The Open Type features can be accessed by using Open Type savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw X version, And Microsoft Word. This font is also support multi language.

: Nov 21, 2022