The Bringa Font

The Bringa FontThe Bringa FontThe Bringa FontThe Bringa Typeface is inspired by stylish designs from the 80s to 90s. At that time the font style like “The Bringa Typeface” had a firm and trendy impression. The Bringa Typeface has a wide selection of alternative characters and swashes that make it easy to create bold retro-style designs.

The Bringa Typeface is very suitable for making designs with retro concepts, simple and playful designs, for example making magazine cover designs, music covers, YouTube thumbs, text headers, logotypes and so on with an elegant retort theme. Besides that this font is very easy to use both in design and non-design programs because everything changes and glyphs are supported by Unicode (PUA).

The Bringa Typeface has a total of 786 glyphs including symbol, multilingual and alternative glyphs and get 13 characters retro cartoon.

We really enjoyed the process of making The Bringa Typeface, we hope you are also happy when using The Bringa Typeface.

: Dec 26, 2022