Thalweg Font Family

Thalweg Font FamilyThalweg Font FamilyThalweg Font FamilyThalweg serif typeface is a project focused on the digitalization and development of the Thalweg font. The font was originally designed in 1993 by the Bulgarian artist Ivan Kyosev. In 2018 Ani Dimitrova began the revival of the Thalweg font and converted the drawings into a digital form. The existing set of characters required some necessary expansions such as the development of capital letters, alternative symbols and many other functions. Furthermore, some additional weights were developed which aimed to make the font more complete.

Thalweg was completed in 2020 with 16 weights ranging from Thin to Black with extra drawn italics and small caps versions, each style containing more than 1100 glyphs. The font comes with an extended coverage of the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek Scripts. All of the weights are specifically equipped for complex, professional typography with Open Type Features. These features include: Small Caps, Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Superscript, Subscript, Tabular Figures, Old-Style Figures, Circled Figures, Arrows, Matching currency symbols and fraction. The Thalweg serif typeface is a perfect choice for body text, branding design, web design, editorial design and more.

Ivan Kyosev (1933-1994) was one of Bulgaria’s most famous artists whose work influenced several generations of bulgarian designers. He was born on February 5, 1933, in the city of Burgas. In 1957 he graduated in illustration at the National Academy of Art in Sofia led by Prof. Iliya Beshkov. Mr. Kyosev was a member in the management of the “Graphics and Illustration” section in the Union of Bulgarian Artists, member of the UBA board, artist in the publishing houses “September” and “World”. Together with Boris Angelushev, he worked on the layout design of the “Literary Front” newspaper. Furthermore, in 1963 – 1964 he was the main artist in the publishing house “Prosveta”. Ivan Kyosev excelled in the field of illustration, book design and library layouts in various genres (classics, children’s literature, poetry, journalism, memoirs, etc.). He is also the author of many fonts.

: Jan 4, 2023