Tatline Neue Font Family

Tatline Neue Font FamilyTatline Neue Font FamilyTatline Neue Font FamilyTatline Neueis a serif font family of 14 fonts encompassing a wide range of weights — from Thin to Heavy. TatlineNeue was modelled after the original Tatline display font, but this major overhaul resulted not only in updated and tweaked shapes and smother curves, but also in addition of 13 new weights, making TatlineNeue a perfect tool for designers and typographers alike. Each font contains 450 glyphs, multiple sets of numbers, stylistic alternatives for certain glyphs, ligatures, numerators, denominators, old style figures, and other symbols. Tatline Neue can be freely used across Western European, Central European, South Eastern European languages. Tatline Neue was designed from the scratch to keep glyphs consistent across all weights. Thinner fonts are more uniform, with little to no variation in the weight of the strokes. Bolder fonts, on the other hands, are chunky and somewhat comic —in a good way. Tatline Neue was born out of a display font, losing none of its original quirkiness and vibe. While serif fonts are often seen as vintage and orthodox, Tatline Neue strikes a livelier note: one of cheekiness, bizarreness, quirkiness, and expressiveness. Thanks to a wide range of weights, Tatline Neue is a great tool for a variety of projects: whether it’s used for plain text in a larger body of text or as a headline font, or even as a key element in a logo creation or brand identity. Tatline Neue is a serif font for those who are tired of seeing the boring in the typography and design; it’s a font for explorers, for adventurers, for those who seek to find their own voice.

: Apr 18, 2023