Tabac Big Sans Font Family

Tabac Big Sans Font FamilyTabac Big Sans Font FamilyTabac Big Sans Font FamilyTabac Big Sans Font Family

About this font family

Those who have grown tired of text typefaces insensitively blown up to the size of a poster or a building facade should from time to time try out extreme display styles, which are designed precisely for this purpose. They look best in dimensions from around 32 point out to infinity, and they rise to the occasion when a strong impression is necessary. This is especially true for the extreme weights Hair and Black, which don’t allow for any compromise. The sharp hairline and brutal contrast of the strokes test the most extreme possibilities, without having readability suffer in continuous text, as is characteristic for all the typefaces of the Tabac superfamily.
Tabac Big Sans has the distinction of having most of its styles hold up not only in giant sizes, but also in smaller texts, where it’s an obedient little doggie. It actually works like a narrowed linear grotesk with an increased x-height. There’s no limit to fantasy.

: Mar 22, 2019


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