Studio Baked Font

Studio Baked Collection is a gorgeous rustic hand written font duo that makes for stunning logos, quotes, wedding invites, blog posts, Instagram, and more!

They pair beautifully together in all kinds of applications. The sans looks gorgeous with tracking set at 250, as well as where it’s normal setting at zero.

Studio Baked Script includes lots of ligatures to make everything look perfectly natural and hand written, and there is a full set of lowercase alternates for each letter as well. These are set as ending letters in the regular script font file, (activate the Contextual Alternates button in the Character Panel to see this) plus as the standard letters in the Alternates font file. And then there is the Swashes and swishes sets! These are in extra font files named Studio Baked Swashes and Studio Baked Swishes. There is left/beginning swashes for the uppercase and left/beggining and right/ending swashes for the lowercase.

Studio Baked Sans is a sans serif font that just goes so well with the script. It has an extra font file with scrolls on the uppercase letters to add a bit of unique personality.


: Jul 15, 2021


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