Sodra Font

Sodra Font is a wide-accented antiqua with sharp serifs and hints of futuristic forms. This typeface emerged from a passage in the Manifesto del Futurismo by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. One short word was the inspiration and the guidance for the creation of this font. An attempt to create something unique and distinctive, an attempt to add a bit of futurism to something historical. The special aesthetics and expressiveness the type conveys will make you look closely at each letter and draw attention to your design. The font has been in development for a long time and painstaking work has been done on it. Large language support, about 470 characters and almost 4,000 kerning pairs. Hinting and testing the font itself in business and in a wide variety of applications. The uses of the type are very wide. Whether it’s a branding, logo, identity or merch, a headline or product design. The nature of typeface is not limited to something rough and gloomy, on the contrary, it all depends on how you look at it. I’ve shown you my point of view, you in turn will see yours!

: May 15, 2023