Segment B Type Font Family

Segment B Type Font FamilySegment B Type Font FamilySegment B Type Font FamilySegment B is a powerful display type family with 18 styles inspired by condensed European grotesques of 19th-century with a reference to the first grotesques, which differ in the contrast of strokes, but with clear geometric proportions. In Black weights, the letterforms are inspired by the aggressive industrial graphic design of the 1960s and 70s. Both have 3 axes and are adjustable in weight, width and 10° italic. It is a typeface with narrow proportions, distinctive character, high-quality outline and lots of details. Characters have oblique cuts, sharp tails and highly visible ink traps. All this makes the font more aggressive and edgy. The huge x-height with short ascenders and descenders allows this typeface to be used in blocks with minimal line spacing.

: Dec 14, 2022