Salma Pro Font Family

Salma Pro Font Family, a modern and sleek sans-serif font that boasts a new design and a strong character. As the successor of the previous version (Salma Alfasans), Salma Pro is an extended version that offers an abundance of features, good legibility, and a wide range of styles, making it perfect for any project.

Crafted with great passion and conscientiousness, Salma Pro’s unique design is a work of art. You will see beautiful details in every letter, making it perfect for branding, logos, and other design projects. Whether you’re using it for headlines or body text, Salma Pro’s good legibility ensures that it looks great at any size.

Salma Pro is ideal for branding projects, logos and logotypes, promotions, e-books, websites, mobile applications, and more. This versatile font can be used in a wide range of projects to elevate your designs and make your work stand out.

: Sep 13, 2023