Sailing Club – Nostalgic Serif

Introducing Sailing Club – a brand new nostalgic serif revival that will make you want to steal your all mom’s vintage college sweatshirts.

I’ve been loving how the 90s and early 00s are coming back, and I can’t stop thinking about the sweatshirts you’d see Princess Diana wear around with bike shorts (plus, my dad gave me a vintage sweatshirt that is always and forever a go-to).

Sailing Club is a beautifully nostalgic upper and lowercase typeface that works best as a focal display text (think logos, headers, pretty quotes, calls to action, etc.).

The upper and lowercase give it great versatility, but I honestly just can’t get over a tightly kerned all caps. It’s too good.

I’ve also been loving combining the regular and italic, especially in cool, longer quotes (see the “Join Us” graphic, image #5)

One thing to note about Sailing Club is the letter spacing. It was spaced for clean reading and intentional balance, so I recommend setting the spacing a little tighter if you want to create the all caps display look found in many of these images (around -20 to -35 should do!).

: Mar 24, 2023