Replay Pro Font Family

Replay Pro Font FamilyReplay Pro Font FamilyReplay Pro Font FamilyReplay is a pure hymn to the classic typeface Caslon originally made by William Caslon (1692–1766). The typeface that bears his name, was made between 1720 and 1726. In 1739 he founded the Caslon Foundry which later become a property of Stephenson, Blake & Co., but remained an independent foundry until 1937.

The typeface have been popular ever since it was made and still stand proud as a classic text face. MRF made detailed research, including versions from Adobe and Justin Howes. The end result is leaning more towards the original. Some minor »imperfections« are also incorporated in order to make the typeface more lively

and old fashioned.

: Apr 3, 2023