Rahere Sans Inline Font

Rahere Sans Inline FontRahere Sans Inline FontRahere Sans Inline FontRahere Sans Inline is a bold, no-nonsense display font featuring an inline that imbues the design with classic overtones while still looking modern. It’s imposing without being overpowering and practical but not boring.

As part of the expanding Rahere typeface family, Rahere Sans Inline is specifically designed to complement both Rahere Sans and Rahere Roman Display, pairing beautifully when used for headings, stand-out quotes or drop caps.

Whether you’re in design, marketing or advertising, Rahere Sans Inline is a versatile display font suitable for all types of applications including:

Design, advertising – posters, leaflets, brochures, adverts, books and banners
Publishing – magazine covers and editorials and book covers
Music, film – DVDs and CDs
Announcements – offers, events, birthdays and anniversaries

Rahere Sans Inline is a capitals-only font with small caps in the lowercase slots and matching numerals, plus a few ligatures. The following languages are supported: Western Europe, Vietnamese, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish and Romanian.

: Jan 11, 2023