Raffael Font

Raffael is an elegant sans serif font with a beautiful contrast. Made from font designer named Almaz Studio™. This typeface is a family of Sans Serif fonts designed with a modern and vintage feel. It’s a contemporary sans serif typeface. The font family comes in Regular and Bold weights, with support of Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. This font is perfect for your design needs such as layout designs, apparel, magazines, posters, logos, branding, and others. Raffael can be used in its compressed widths to manage space on the printed page and on the screen. In these widths Heading Now excels in titles and subheadings, timetables, infographics and in situations of exuberant and excessive copywriting. On the other side of the width spectrum, you can find extended width variants, ready to be used for titling where style and energy matter more than pixel or paper economy.


: Nov 21, 2022