Quorthon Font Family – 15 fonts

Quorthon Font Family - 15 fontsQuorthon Font Family - 15 fontsQuorthon Font Family - 15 fontsQuorthon is a collection of blackletter style fonts in 3 distinct voices – Black, Dark, and Grey. Each style has a more contemporary feel than the centuries-old blackletter standard, the capitals in particular were drawn to aid legibility in today’s world rather than to follow tradition. All the fonts contain a number of alternates that will help you embellish your typography – when used subtly, they can add flair to your titles and logo designs. BLACK is the most severe of the three styles, its lowercase forms were inspired by text I discovered on a marble tomb in a remote countryside church in England. The aggressive barbs and spurs give these fonts an imposing stature, ideal for branding, advertising and logotype, where a forceful message is required. DARK is a little more subtle, while retaining a barbed style, more contemporary serifs are present. The highly-contrasted, calligraphic glyphs are full of character and subtle nuances that give these fonts a unique personality. Again, these fonts are perfect for branding, advertising and logotype designs… and maybe even a tattoo? GREY is the softest of all the Quorthon styles, its minimal design and clean, straight lines make it ideal for creating stunning titles and headlines. It evokes the past with its blackletter pedigree, yet is imbued with a modern architectural influence. Key Features: • 15 font family – 5 weights across 3 styles • 17 Alternates in each font • Western European Language Support (Latin only) • 250+ glyphs per font.

: May 4, 2023