Quiel Font

QUIEL Font is a font inspired by modern and retro styles blended with elegance. With its dynamic shape, this font is suitable for any design to showcase a stylish, retro, or classic ambience. With nine available weights, QUIEL can easily be adjusted to suit various design preferences.

The advantages of QUIEL are not only in its appealing appearance but also in its flexibility in terms of language. This font supports multiple languages, making it easy to use in different countries and languages. Furthermore, QUIEL comes with ligatures and alternate styles, which can enhance the visual appeal of your designs. The inclusion of alternative fonts also provides a range of options for combination.

QUIEL is highly suitable for branding projects and various design needs, such as business cards, name tags, advertisements, posters, invitations, branding, logos, magazines, merchandise, and presentations. The unique modern letterforms of QUIEL allow for interesting combinations with various other font types.

With its diversity and flexibility, QUIEL is the perfect choice to elevate the visual aspect of your designs, providing an elegant and captivating touch.

: Jun 2, 2023