Pesto Fresco 28 fonts 50%Off

Pesto Fresco 28 fonts 50%OffPesto Fresco 28 fonts 50%OffPesto Fresco 28 fonts 50%Off

Is a new handwritten lettering system, a font family built by 28 fonts. Based on Screenprint technique, the aim is to get a textured result we can see in many old poster specially designed to be produced with that technology, bringing analog to digital. Overlapping Pesto Fresco Regular with any of the other decorative fonts you will get different graphic effects, so just choose the one fits better with your layout. This font can be used for different purposes from packaging design to web design.

Pesto Fresco flags are inspired by the typical products from the Italian Riviera in Liguria Region, homeland of Pesto, Focaccia and many other delicious delicatessen.

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